Important Notice for Students/Staff

As per directives received from Savitribai Phule Pune University, State Government Authorities and Modern Education Society, all students and Staff (Teaching and Nonteaching) are herewith informed that all academic activities in the College will be closed till 31/03/2020.

All examinations (including University and college internals) are postponed till 31/03/2020. As on date Exams scheduled for month of April will be conducted as per schedule. Teaching faculty members can work from home till 25/03/2020. If necessary, the College Principal will assign or delegate work to faculty members for the smooth functioning of college activities in the broader interest. Principal and non-teaching staff will continue to work. All are requested to take note of the abovementioned instructions and adhere to the stipulated guidelines issued by the higher authorities from time to time. All members of the staff will have to ensure that no work gets stuck and proper communication is maintained for handling the situation effectively.

Please feel free to be in communication with the Principal or college office. You may refer websites of the Maharashtra Government, education Department, SPPU for further information and clarification.Students are advised not to visit College till 31st march 2020 without having any justifiable reason. The non-teaching staff will report to work as per regular working hours from 17/03/2020 until further orders.

All are requested to take proper precaution and extend their cooperation during these days to prevent spread of Corona virus/disease.


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