Under the joint auspices of Board of Students Welfare, University of Pune and Students Welfare association, Nowrosjee Wadia college,the following schemes and programs are implemented for the students.

  • Anti-Ragging Cell :- The anti-ragging cell has been functioning in the college which is aimed at preventing ragging in any form on the campus.
  • Students Insurance Scheme :- All the students who are admitted in the college are covered under insurance scheme.
  • Earn and Learn Scheme :- Students coming from socially and economically backward families are given opportunities to work and earn so that they can support themselves and meet their academic expenses. This scheme also aims at developing work culture in students and sensitizing them about the importance of dignity of labour. The students, in this scheme work in various departments of the college for which they get monthly salary.
  • Personality Development Program :- Activities like soft skill program, Remedial English, Group discussions, lecture series etc. are organized to bring about all round development of the students.
  • Scholarships :- The economically backward students are awarded scholarships every year. The academically bright girl students get Savitribai Phule scholarship.
  • Special Feature :- To cater to the academic needs of blind students of the college, there exists a Louis Braille Writers’ Club. This club has more than 60 members who help the blind students by writing answer papers for them during various examinations. Functions are also organized throughout the year for blind students.

Recent Activities:

  • The college runs the Earn and Learn scheme funded by the University for socially and economically backward class students. This year 44 students benefited from the scheme and Rs. 2,07,500/- were spent under this scheme.
  • The college attracts a large number of visually impaired students. This year 71 such students sought admission in our college.
  • Software for blind students was purchased and installed in the Computer Centre. This software converts written text into audio that helps in their academic development
  • The Louis Braille Writers Club which is functioning in the college for the last 5 years continued to help visually impaired students. The students of our college as well as volunteers from the society in general assist the visually impaired students as writers during their exam. They also help them in their day to day college activities including reading out study material to them and ancillary tasks associated with their academics.
  • The college helped socially and economically backward students for getting various scholarships.
  • Five students of the college were trained by the NGO Parivartan for voters’ registration who in turn undertook a massive voter’s registration drive on the campus for new voters. The teaching and non-teaching staff and students of our college signed an undertaking that they would cast their valuable votes in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.
  • Free of charge Gymnasium is made available for students
  • Free of charge Dispensary on the campus

Students Welfare Officer :- Neeraj Kamalrao Bhagat