The tentative schedule for various events (Academic as well as curricular and co-curricular) is as follows:

No. Academics / Events Dates
1 Commencement of second term 21st November 2016
2 Term end examination of B.A 1st and 2nd week of


3 NSS Camp 3rd week of December
4 Extra and co-curricular departmental activities 3rd week of January
5 Gymkhana day 4th week of January
6 Sethi inter collegiate quiz competition 1st week of February
7 Gokhale cup elocution competition 1st week of February
8 Second Mid-Semester examination of B.Sc. 2nd week of February
9 University Annual Examination of B.A. 1st week of April
10 Second term University Annual Examination of B.Sc. 1st week of April
11 Conclusion of second term 2nd May 2017