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The oil industry all over the world, especially in India, has been passing through an active phase of growth. Since 1970’s the oil industry has seen a phenomenal rise in the demand for Petroleum Products. The Government Policy decisions in the recent past have thrown open the government-run industries to the private sector, thereby attracting foreign direct investment in this sector. This has enhanced the need for trained man power, especially in the Petroleum sector. Envisaging this need for specialized man power, the Department Of Geology of Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune, launched a Post-Graduate Diploma course Petroleum Technology in the year 1987, which in 1989, expanded to a two year post-graduate.

This was done with a vision to be a Premier institution providing quality education to cater to the growing demand of the petroleum industry for well trained and qualified staff for both, field & Laboratory operations.
The oil industry in India has been passing through an active phase of growth. Since 1970’s the oil industry has seen a phenomenal rise in all sectors of exploration and exploitation. The demand for Petroleum Products is escalating and has increased the need for finding better and more efficient ways of exploration and exploitation of Hydrocarbons. This need in the recent past has compelled the government to allow the private sector to compete there by increasing the need for trained man power.

The Department of Geology of Nowrosjee Wadia College, envisaged this need for specialized geology –based knowledge in this field and launched an interdisciplinary course in Petroleum Technology in the year 1987. The initial success of the course, coupled with interaction with different companies in the Petroleum Industry encouraged us to expand the course in 1989 to a two year Post-graduate Degree in Petroleum Technology. Since then we have had twenty two batches graduating successfully.

The Degree awarded is a M.Sc.(Applied) Petroleum Technology and is affiliated to the University of Pune. The blend of Technology with Geology is the essence of this course.

The overwhelming response to the course and the successful placement of our students in oil companies and petroleum service companies around the world has made this course invaluable. Today, this course is recognized by UGC and ONGC for employment of the students.

About 300 textbooks and reference books related to geology and petroleum technology are available with our department and we make them available to students on demand. In addition, the department has also prescribed bulletins such as “ONGC bulletin” and “JPT Journal”, which are meant for updating knowledge of students.

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Dr. K. S. Venkataraghavan
M.Sc. Ph. D.
Associate Professor
Drilling, Production Operations


Dr. K. S. Venkataraghavan
Principal, Head, Associate Professor
M. Sc. Ph. D.

Dr. G. P. Pillai
Associate Professor
M. Sc. M. Phil. Ph. D.

Dr. S. A. Khan
Assistant Professor
M. Sc. NET Ph. D.

Mr. K. S. Kumbhar
Assistant Professor