About Department

The Department of History in Nowrosjee Wadia College aims to produce highly capable readers and writers of history who are dedicated to truth and support the values of India, who will act with compassion and zeal for the betterment of all the people of this country and others through their historiographical skills. With social duty they will also promote honesty, peace and harmony in a pluralistic culture like that of ours.

The Department has organized from time to time Seminars, Conferences, Workshops on themes like History through the Medium Of Art which was conducted through the medium of exhibitions and competitions. Annual field trips are conducted to the places of Historical Interests. The Department conducted a 10 day workshop on the learning of the medieval Maratha Script Modi.

We attempt to bring each ingredient into as many student experiences as we can. The Department has had an illustrious faculty and many areas of Indian History have been defined by the researches done by them.

cusrowDepartment Head

Dr. Jyoti Aniruddha
Ph.D. in January 2009 in “Emancipatory Movement of the untouchables in Pune Dist. (1906-1956)”


Senior College-

Dr. (Mr.) J. S. Aniruha
Head, Associate Professor

Ms. P. P. Dasture
Assistant Professor

Junior College-

Mr. A. K. Rajhuns
M. A. B. Ed.