Junior College

The Junior College offers courses drawn up by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, Pune Divisional Board, leading to the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (H.S.C.).

Junior College which is the Plus two stage after SSC as per the Educational system pattern followed in Maharashtra state and in other states in India. It consist of First Year Junior college (XI standard) and the Second Year Junior College (XII Standard). Our college offers both the Arts and Science streams.

Compulsory Subjects :

  • English
  • Hindi/French/Marathi/German/Sanskrit
  • Environmental Science

Optional Subject : (any four of the following)

  • Economics
  • History
  • Politics
  • Logic* or Mathematics
  • Geography
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology

Compulsory Subjects : (100 Marks each)

  • English
  • Marathi* or Hindi or German* or French* or Sanskrit or 1st Vocational Subject(Electronics paper l or Computer Science Paper l) or l.T.(info.Tech)
  • Environmental Science
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Optional Subject : (100 Marks each)
(any four of the following)

  • Biology or 2nd vocational subject
    (Electronics paper ll or Computer Science paper ll )
  • Geography/Geology – Grantable , Geography – only for NG
    (*Teaching arrangement for these subjects will be made only if there are atleast 35 students)