About Department

Psychology is one of the most popular subjects at under graduate and post graduate level because of its wide applicability in almost all the other disciplines. Today almost every institution and industry requires Psychologists. Awareness about mental health has increased in India because of which Psychology is enjoying a high reputation amongst other Mental and Moral Sciences. Thus, the scope of Psychology has boomed over this decade tremendously.

We at Department of Psychology, Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune, are renowned for producing some of the finest Mental Health Professionals. Our department has a rich diversity of students who come from all over India and other nations.

In our department regular lectures and interactive discussions are supplemented with guest lecturers, movie screening, quiz, debate and many more fun yet educational activities. The department organizes its famous Psychology fest- “Beautiful Minds” annually wherein students from various colleges of Pune actively participate and contribute towards all round development of each other.
The department has collaborated with many reputed NGOs and organizations to provide internship programs to the post graduate students. The Psychology Library supports the educational activities of the members of the department with more than 50 books.

The admission process is based strictly on the merit for the under graduate level and at post graduate level it includes an entrance examination along with fifty percent credit for merit. The learning programs of the department are innovative and methodologically unique. The department provides quality teaching, practical experience and a unique chance to share and develop the vision, knowledge, initiative and critical philosophy needed to meet professional challenges and society needs.

Department Head

Dr. V. N. Borkar
M.A., Ph.D. in Psychology


Senior College-

Dr. V. N. Borkar
Head, Assistant Professor
M. A. Ph. D.

Junior College-

Dr. (Smt) A. M. Patil
M. A. B. Ed. Ph. D.