We at Nowrosjee Wadia College Guides and direct various types of Research Projects both minor and major in progress and to be initiated by the Staff Members of the College. We help the Research students and their guiding teachers to interact with other Research Scientists and Research Institutes for collaborative work, to liaise between industries and corporate for consultancy work and to place the students in industries and Research Centers for short term training in advanced instrumentation.

Nowrosjee Wadia College helps you in exploring potential career paths by providing Research Opportunities. Research provides an introduction to how work is conducted in your discipline, leads to a deeper understanding of current practices of your chosen discipline and teaches creative problem solving and communication skills. Nowrosjee Wadia College provides the opportunity to apply concepts learned in course work to real time situations. Research offers you the opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor and gives you the chance to present your findings at local, regional and national conferences.

Besides the regular teaching assignments our teaching staff is also working on various research activities both at the University level as well as National and International levels.